What if you were able to identify which meters had the highest risk of revenue loss?

App Orchid for Energy & Utilities

Predict outcomes and mitigate risk by integrating ALL relevant structured and unstructured data.

Energy and Utility companies have terabytes of structured data which represents only a fraction of collective intelligence. Vast amount of unstructured data resides in emails, reports, pdfs, customer interactions and experiential observations from employees which is difficult to extract let alone gain insight from. Data from assets including smart meters, communicating controls, power line sensors and thousands of other intelligent endpoints further make it difficult to identify patterns, trends, risks, and opportunities.

The App Orchid platform helps Energy & Utility companies create AI powered apps that predict outcomes, increase revenue and mitigate risk. The platform combines structured and unstructured data from all relevant enterprise systems and external data such asset information, consumption data, safety guidelines, customer information, weather feeds, workforce management, etc. to identify relationships, trends and patterns not possible before. Over time the platform can predict, make recommendations and automate processes to dramatically improve efficiency and mitigate risk.

App Orchid Energy & Utility Solutions in Action

Long Term Renewable Planning using Grid Simulations

Simulate dynamic wind and solar conditions to provide analytics on supply and demand conditions on the grid over multi-year horizons – T&D Deferral programs, arbitrage supplements, etc.

Renewable Integration into the Electric Grid

Apply Deep Learning on N-1 Contingency Analysis data from EMS to identify the best spots for Energy Storage, Demand Response, Asset Hardening and Frequency Response & Black Start Scenarios

Compliance and Risk Exposure Management

Understand the degree of non-compliance by assessing vulnerabilities and regulatory shortfalls allowing company to take actionable steps to improve remediation and compliance in a timely manner

Meter Performance and Asset Performance Predictors

Predict Asset Performance based on multi-variate conditions like weather, loading conditions and other combinatorial factors

Distribution Transformer – Condition based Maintenance

Loss of Life Analysis for various loading, demand and supply conditions based on preventive maintenance schedules, etc.

Understand & Enforce Procedural Compliance

Using NLP & AI to understand the various process inconsistences and provide AI based insight to rationalize them across documents, logs and standard operating procedures

To learn how you can leverage AI for Energy & Utilities

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